When I started this blog, just like everyone else, I’ve chosen Wordpress; default in the blogging world (so it seems at least). Wordpress is well established CMS, BUT IT’S AN OVERKILL.

I had a dedicated VM running alpine with the PHP runtime and Nginx. Waste of money and resources for a simple blog.

Back then, when I researched for what CMS shall I used; I stumble upon jekyl - not a proper CMS but it looked good enough to generate me a nice site right?

Well - as much as it’s not a new static-page-generator engine; Hugo gained more and more popularity, and an ex-college of mine was praising it as it was the ideal solution for fast creation and delivery of a website.

I’ve decided to give it a go, and I fell in love markdown based content; generates pages within milliseconds(!).

Moses! all of a sudden using a heavy PHP based CMS as Wordpress felt like I’m stuck in 2003

So about a year ago I’ve made that switch and never looked back. But to spice things up - I’ve added an easy deploy pipeline that generates and deploy the new content straight to my Firebase hosting service.

I should’ve written about it earlier - but better now then never ey.


Can’t stress it enough - Hugo is blazing fast!

First thing - get yourself a theme Or create yourself one if you want My blog is using hugo-terminal - a minimalist blog; with small modifications from my side.

Actually you might want to check hexo OR to the more extensive gatsby - just because js is awesome

Write your content

Instead of elaborating about how and what - just check this markdown file; notice something cool here

Cool right😎


Two ways to go here:

  1. Use a public docker image of hugo and firebase-tools

  2. Install the latest Hugo every build just like that:

The upside of using the latest Hugo - is if you’re having a new theme, or clone an existing theme with git-submodule you’ll always have the latest features supported

I had an issue when my build failed because the theme added new attributes that the old Hugo engine didn’t know how to handle - better safe than paininthefrikkinars

Firebase hosting

OR Surge OR Zeit - doesn’t matter

As long as your serving your static pages in a managed solution. It would be cheaper and easier to manage for later.

Last words

I haven’t written anything using [Cloudflare] to save some traffic. lt;dr; save some more by using their free CDN and caching.

But to simplify things - I’ve published my blog repository to the public

So, with almost zero costs, easy setup and zero maintenance **You don't have any excuses to not have a blog 😀**