Almost a year ago, Netflix announced a worldwide support. As a movie junky that owned a US Netflix account, it was super exciting news! no more hiding behind DNS and VPN services to fake my IP.

Well, soon enough the thrill ended when I realized that the content in my region is pretty much empty. Netflix rushed to release new regions without trying to first get licenses for new content.

But that’s not what this post is about.

back than I’ve used a great service called “Getflix”.

It supported US and western Europe Netflix regions. actually, it was so great I hurried to purchase a lifetime subscription (It was on too-good-to-be-true discount).

Shortly after my purchase, Netflix started the war on VPN\DNS.

Since then, I’ve canceled my Netflix account(after almost 5 years subscription). The thing is that I was stuck with a deprecated DNS service.

Apparently, Getflix is offering to all of their users a VPN service with 92 different locations!

So I’ve configured my Xiaomi MiWiFi router to pass all of my laptop + my gf laptop traffic trough one of their locations.