Not all of us need to use one of the a huge cloud platform as AWS and GCP. but recently after working on a migration project that required me to transfer everything to DigitalOcean, I noticed something that is truly missing.

I’m not talking about a managed services such as: RDS\Cloudsql, ELB with Autosacle, AppEngine, ECP or anything else that makes these huge providers covered so many services

Full disclosure: today I enrolled to DigitalOcean early access for a container orchestration based on Kubernetes.

I’m talking about provisioning your machine ssh key into a new instance

meaning that if I got used to just use the gcloud SDK to ssh into an instance

gcloud compute ssh my-instance --zone=europe-west1-c

Nowadays, I have to ssh with a root user and then add all the keys of my teammates.

Better yet; In some small providers such as Vultr and TransIP you actually need to do that from the browser and not to mention to modify /etc/ssh/sshd_config for only accept keys.

Seem like a trivial thing to have these days, but the small player can’t really focus on developing their own CLI tools for developers.

Theres some cool solutions out there including ansible playbook that deals with that See the following amazing article of “How To Manage SSH Keys Using Ansible“

Fortunately, I had a great opportunity to work with a highly skilled DevOps that introduced me to Ansible.

Starting to cover up all the teammate’s ssh keys

But then I couldn’t stop wondering of what if I’ll have a built-in CLI tool to provision bulk of ssh keys and also to actually ssh into a machine via alias(meaning no need to add loads of new aliases to .zshrc).

I started to work on some small tool that actually does exactly what Ansible covered for us, provisioning ssh keys.

SSH Key provisioner

At the beginning it was plain and simple, iterate on a list of hosts.

Later it occurred to me that nobody gonna manages this hosts JSON files, So I added a build in integration with Vultr API and DigitalOcean API.

And now I started to fancy the idea of converting this to a CLI tool that will also hook up to the user .bashrc and will create a main alias to ssh.

Can’t say really when and what’s next, all I know is that I really love DigitalOcean and their amazing technical articles(you probably read their posts once), and of course Vultr – They pretty much responsible for the drop of cloud platform prices and increment of the micro-instances specs.